Marek Kadlčík

Hi! My name is Marek Kadlčík. I study at grammar school in the Czech Republic. I'm an organizer in Czech Google Developer Groups. We not only support developers with free talks and workshops but also help people learn how to use modern technologies.

I'm keen on programming. However, it isn't taught at my school, so everything you see here I've learnt on my own. Besides programming, I'm interested in design, especially in responsive webdesign (just look at this website!), a user-friendly interface and minimalism.

What I do


I develop native Android applications from the ground up and follow Google's Design Guidelines. I code in Jetbrain's Kotlin.


In addition to Android platform, I've learnt Swift, a modern language maintained by Apple. I'm familiar with iOS development principles and iOS framework fundamentals.


Web technologies such as HTML and Sass are something I know fully well, although I don't focus on them. I create websites to express the content. On the other hand, web services (e.g. Firebase & Realm) are much more important for me as they help me build better apps faster.

My experience

November 2014

Introduction to Java

An online course by Johns Hopkins University. I finished it with a final grade of A+. You can read full review of my work here.

certificate - introduction to java

February 2015

My brother started his own business, so I helped him by building a simple website for him. It's on

August 2015

Javascript course creates training courses mostly for companies. I've attended a course simply called Javascript. My certificate is here.

September 2015

15 puzzle

A simple game I wrote just for fun. You can check it out here.

November 2015


I helped organize DevFest, one of the biggest developer festivals in the Czech republic. It was a great experience and I hope to do it again soon.

Early 2016

Bigy Classification

I created an Android app for students of my school and their parents. It shows you your grades and computes the average. It's free on Google play here and has hundreds of happy users.

May 2016

Advanced Java programming

A great online course with advanced programming techniques mentored by Johns Hopkins University. I completed with a final grade of A+. The full summary of my work is here.

certificate - advanced java programming

September 2016

Night mode js

I wrote a small javascript library to automatically switch day and night theme of a website. CSS-Tricks tweeted about it.

August 2016

Fenomen Mutlimedia

I started working in a local software company called Fenomen Multimedia as a consultant and mobile developer.

What others think about me

Tomáš Miškovský

CEO at Fenomen Multimedia

I find our collaboration with Marek very benefitial and pleasant at professional and human level. Marek is helpful, proactive and honest. He always thinks in the context of the project he's currently involed in and that's why he brings a great value to our team.

Martin Pilný

lead server programmer at Fenomen Multimedia

Marek Kadlčík fitted into our team quickly. His attitude towards work is enterprising and creative with a healthy sense of humor. Cooperation with him is both pleasant and productive.

Daniel Lessner

Computer Science Educator

You put the self-paced nature of the course to a good use, running through the work smoothly with virtually no hitches in an excellent time frame.

Jana Vitvarova

University lecturer and researcher

It was a real pleasure for me to guide you through this course and I wish you a lot of success and happiness in the pursuit of your future professional goals. I hope you will keep your curiosity, playfulness and professionalism.